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For hundreds of years, people throughout the world have used hypnotherapy and its techniques to help focus attention, reprogram undesired behaviors, manage physical pain, and heal past trauma and the resulting emotional pain.


I offer three types of sessions.

1. Behavior modification (quit smoking, stop binge eating, start exercising, etc.)

A behavior modification session is focused on your desired behavior change. You won't be staring at a spinning wheel or watching a ticking clock swinging on a chain. You will, however, be more relaxed than you've probably ever been. During your session, we will review your history and you'll explain your desired behavior change and motivation. We'll then move into the hypnosis portion. During which, you will be sitting or lying down with eyes closed fully aware and in charge of your experience. We'll work together to rethink and reimagine your habits and restore your mind to a new way of behaving. A recording for you to listen to  following your session will be provided. 

2. Alleviate anxiety and depression

A trance is a "half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium." Trance can be entered with drugs, alcohol, plants, TV, dance, music, hypnosis, and more. Entering trance states is necessary for human survival. Humans need to be able to 'escape" during waking hours in healthy way. Hypnosis is a healthy, easy way to enter trance and find relief from anxiety and depression. You can use what you learn in those trance states to aid you when fully awake and moving throughout your days.

3. Trauma Recovery/Regression - Healing the Past, Applying it to the Present
Trauma recovery and regression work is what lead me to be a hypnotherapist. I had tried everything else to "cure" myself and hypnotherapy was the breakthrough experience for me. I hold space for you to process your unresolved trauma with compassion and confidentiality. During your session, I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. During this period of focus, we will use guided imagery to calm your mind and process unresolved trauma and the resulting thoughts and emotions so that you can heal, really heal. This process is incredibly empowering and freeing. In this calm, relaxed state of trance you are able to see and experience things differently and resolve past trauma and pain. Depending on your situation, you may need a few sessions or ongoing sessions.


MEET We will meet online or in-person in my Warsaw, IN or Sedona, AZ office.

Initial sessions are usually about 2 hours. 

PLAN:  The first half is discussing your history and desired goals. The second half is the hypnotherapy session.

FOCUS:  During the hypnosis part, you will sit comfortably with eyes closed. You are aware of what is happening at all times. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You cannot be hypnotized unless you want to be. You are still in full control. Actually more control than ever which is part of the beauty of hypnosis.

TRUST: Together, we'll focus your attention on your desired objective. Each session is different and we go where you need to go. 

SUPPORT: Following the session, we'll discuss your session briefly and decide what is the next best step for you.

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Body Love Program
Peace with Parents

Body Love Program 

What if you loved your body just the way it is?

What if you stopped choosing to ingest stuff that harms you and chose to ingest things that heal? 

What if you could end the battle between your mind, body, food, drugs, and drink? 

“If you know better, then do better.” 

Do you find yourself saying, “I know better, why the &*$! don’t I do better?”

During this 7-week program, we’ll figure out your why and then get beyond it so that you see and behave differently. 

Open your eyes to a new you.

Body Love is a 7-week program designed just for you

*Love your body

*Honor your body

*Nourish your body

Through coaching, hypnotherapy, weekly activities, breathwork, and continuous support, you will watch

the mind clear, 

the body heal, 

the weight balance.

End the battle. 

Love your body. 

Nourish your body.

Live free.


7 total weeks

6 Hypnotherapy sessions

6 weeks of coaching and support

2 hour kickoff/planning session

custom journal

Peace with Parents Program

A relationship with a parent has weighed you down. It’s held you tightly bound for too long. You’ve talked about it in therapy, you’ve tried various ways to deal with the parent(s) but that wound is still there. The relationship dynamic still affects you and you find it infiltrating your life. 


You may find yourself….


  • often triggered by the the parent and sent into an emotional downward spiral

  • having difficulty finding, keeping, or maintaining a romantic relationship

  • frequently pissed off by certain personality types

  • feeling out of control in your thoughts, behaviors, and responses

  • feeling stuck 

  • feeling icky or ill in your parent’s presence 

  • angry

  • unmotivated


This parent may be living or deceased. It doesn’t matter - the energy is still there. During your 6 sessions, you will learn how to free yourself of this weight and move on peacefully. 


1 Three-hour introductory session

5 One-hour Hypnotherapy Sessions

Weekly guided journaling

Perfect Planner Program

Have you found the perfect paper planner yet?


That's because it's impossible! The perfect paper planner doesn't exist for you because there's NO ONE LIKE YOU! No one has YOUR LIFE. 

It's your unique life and your unique personality deserve a unique planner to stay organized, on top of things, and completing the goals you've set for yourself.

During this fun, light-hearted program, we'll use hypnotherapy and dream journaling to bring forth your unique goals based on your values and priorities to design your perfect planner for your unique life!


1 Two-hour Kickoff Meeting

2 One-hour Hypnotherapy Sessions related to your goals

Your UNIQUE Perfect Planner printed, bound, and ready for use

Perfect Planner
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