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Have you watched How to Change Your Mind on Netflix yet?

Have you watched How to Change Your Mind on Netflix yet? I love this stuff! Isn't it amazing what plants do for our minds?! I'd really like to get involved with this kind of research so please connect me if you have connections!

Everything said about plant medicine in this one episode can be said about hypnotherapy. WE DO THE SAME THING IN A HYPNO SESSION and MORE WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PLANTS OR SYNTHETIC VERSIONS of the SUBSTANCES.

In one episode, the script reads:

"What does pyschedelic mean?

It means mind or soul-revealing.

And that's where we discovered for the first time that psychedelics appear to be working on the Default Mode Network in these high-level aspects of the brain.

The Default Mode Network housed the self and the assumptions about the self.

The stories we tell about ourselves. and we know with psychedelics that those stories break down, we see through them, And the truth is a lot of mental illnesses appear to be a kind of defensive reaction to uncertainty, to give oneself more of a sense of, kind of assuredness in the world.

Even if that means you develop something like an eating disorder.

At least now, you've got a bit more control.

You have your drug if you're an addict.

but there lies the opportunity to see things differently,

to move old beliefs and biases out of the way,

so that you can zoom out, you can see the bigger picture, like an astronaut going up, visiting the moon, looking back on the whole of the Earth now. Oh my goodness, this puts things in perspective. One treatment is actually going to help with addiction, anorexia nervosa, depression, anxiety ,OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, that's kinda....That's suspicious to me.

But maybe they're all manifestations of the same underlying problem.

The psychedelic is really pushing against that defense mechanism.

It's saying, "Let go."

Let go of that maladaptive strategy because it's not really serving you."

Hypnotherapy does all of this!

*enter a trance state

*bypasses critical mind/Default Mode Network

*accesses soul truths

*SEE & FEEL the connectedness of the universe

*SEE yourself, others, and situations DIFFERENTLY

*FEEL differently and therefore THINK differently


*Peace and freedom

Humans have been using trance states since the beginning of time to transcend their rational, physical realities. You can enter trance with drugs, ritual, religion, singing, drumming.... or with a skilled hypnotherapist that will walk alongside you in your healing journey.

*hypnotherapy and my services are not a replacement for medical treatment


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