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Music moves us. Music saves us.

In my darkest days, music has always soothed. Following the surprise death of my father in January 2012, I found his CDs in his car. We had a strained relationship. As an addict and alcoholic with mental illness struggles, he didn't have many possessions when he died. I clung to that CD case. Jackson Browne's 2-volume greatest hits set was in there. Jackson soothed my grieving soul. I felt my father talking to me though Jackson's lyrics and played Your Bright Baby Blues at his funeral. I can't hear that song without crying my eyes out. "Lead me to your garden wall and pull me through..." oof, the heartache in that line.

One of Jackson's songs I treasure most when I'm confused about what to do with my life and how to tame my anxiety is For a Dancer.

Thank you, Jackson Browne.

What songs soothe you?

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