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What's on your HAPPY list?

Everyone needs a MY HAPPY LIST. What are the simple things in your life that you can easily implement that aid in your happiness and well being?

My list includes:



Relaxed time with my son

Movement in nature

Adventures, deep discussions, and laughter with my hubby



Meaningful conversations with friends

Reading a book

A creative project in the works

Adequate sleep

Daily meditation

Adequate nutrition

Music and dance

Helping and connecting with family

When I don't keep these consistent, I feel it. I go back to this list and ask myself what's missing

Have I been outside? Have I seen the sun? How much sleep am I getting? What if I turn on some music and dance? Sometimes the answer is more coffee! :D

What simple things make you happy?

Download the pdf and make your own!

make your happy list
Download PDF • 3.13MB

erins happy list
Download PDF • 3.14MB

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