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About Me

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I am a Well Being Guide/Medicine Woman/Spiritual Guide/Hypnotherapist/Coach - whatever you want to call me. What matters is not the title but why I'm here. I'm here to help you live with more peace and ease.

How did I get here? I did all the expected things like be as perfect as possible, go to college, get married, have a child, work, make money, buy stuff, make more money, be happy, be whatever I thought I was supposed to be. And…I was depressed the whole time (from the age of 15 into my early 30’s). 


The depression really started in high school when older girls decided to bully me (I can honestly say "Thank you" to them NOW because here I am!). I started binge eating and feeling what I now know is depressed and anxious. But, I silently persisted seeking affirmation, attention, and approval from others.


On the outside, I probably looked pretty good. Inside, I was dying. 

Depression is so painful. Treatments like medication, talk therapy, exercise, and blood sugar management helped but the depression and deep sadness still lingered and reared its head in massive waves. 

When I found myself as a young mother, frozen in a state of overwhelming fear with suicidal thoughts and a child that was terrified to leave me, I realized I had to do something new (Thank you to child therapist, Mary Beth Getty, for  helping us during that time). I sought out alternative treatments for depression and anxiety and found hypnotherapy and Cynthia Davis in Elkhart, Indiana. I was nervous to try something I’d never really heard of, but after the first session I was instantly relieved, able to speak my truth and do what I needed to progress through my life.


Following my first session, I realized how much unresolved childhood trauma haunted me from being the oldest child of a drug-addicted, alcoholic, yet loving father. I look back now and can see that my father’s death in my late 20's made the anxiety and depression worse while also waking me up to the fact that I had to do something about it. Those unexpressed, unhealed emotions from early childhood had become my box of deep, dark depression (or the shadow self as Jung refers to it). The bullies just opened that box. After 5-6 sessions of hypnotherapy or as Jung called it “active imagination,”  I felt like a new person. The relief of feeling, expressing, and releasing negative emotions is so freeing.  I continue to work with my hypnotherapist when I feel stuck in an emotion, thought and/or behavior that I can't escape on my own.

I vowed to do this work for others. Cynthia helped me get started and is still a mentor. I found an approved school through the American Council of Hypnosis Examiners (ACHE) and started studying with Sharon Waxkirsh’s Academy for Hypnosis. I am now a certified Hypnotherapist with ACHE.  I was delighted to discover family constellations/family systems work through my friend Alok in Sedona, Arizona and have integrated that approach in my work.  I continue to train in all areas of psychological growth, particularly hypnotherapy. 

I’m a physical person. I need to move this body. Yoga and exercise has been on “My List of Things I Need in My Life to Feel Happiness." I achieved the adult-lifelong goal of becoming a Yoga Instructor in 2015 and continue to train in mindfulness and yoga. I’ve also led other fitness classes like dance, Zumba, and HIIT. 

I’ve done a bunch of other stuff. Some of the work I’ve had: Grocery Store Clerk, Lawnmower, Babysitter, Elementary School Teacher, Floral Designer, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Camp Counselor. I bring my degrees, my study, and my years of experience in working with all types of people in all sorts of settings into this work.

This. This work of helping others end or at least understand and manage their suffering and find peace is my lifelong passion.

I look forward to helping you.

Other fun facts about me: 

I love IU Bloomington.

I love music and I love to dance. 

I’d totally live in a van/RV. 

I’d rather be outside in sunlight always! Especially in Sedona, AZ or Indiana in the summertime.

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