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Does hypnosis work online? What to expect in an online hypnosis session...

Hypnosis /hypnotherapy does work in an online session! Almost any meeting is better in person. But, like meetings, hypnotherapy is still highly effective when conducted online.

How does an online session work?

You'll book your session using the ONLINE SESSION option.

I'll send you an email that includes your intake form and your personalized, confidential Zoom link a few days before your session.

It's important to schedule your online session at a time that you will not be interrupted by anyone or any pet or other possible distraction in your space. You'll need a comfortable spot to recline. You'll also need an internet-connected device with a camera and a microphone so we can clearly see and hear each other during the session.

We'll meet online at your scheduled time, review your intake form, and get to work.

Afterwards, it's nice to have about 30 minutes to yourself for journaling, taking a walk, stretching, or even taking a nap.

Have questions? Email me:

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